You do not have to be country to go rustic! Add unique decorative earthly tones by installing rustic chandelier lighting with a modern or classic feel. There is assorted rustic chandeliers to suit any home style whether it is an ultra-modern or classic design home elements from nature will create a warm country charm atmosphere. There is a delicate balance between highlighting your style from choosing a cottage-inspired or a natural accent that may create the incorrect impression. We have come up with few functional and handy ideas on transforming your space with the right rustic chandelier.

1. Function
Different rooms of the house have function unique to that space. Each room has its function in the home. Chandelier you chose must therefore fit within that particular function. In the kitchen space, rustic kitchen lighting should aim to provide more lighting than the living room chandeliers. Use rustic chandeliers that feature direct lighting suitable for Dining table tops. For workstations chandeliers with focused lighting are very practical

Lamp xxl2.jpg

2. Mood
Set the ambiance of the room with the right country rustic chandelier. Simply choose a lighting fixture with dimming feature to adjust the brightness for an intimate setting or airy vibe to the room. 


Modern Living Room

Can mix industrial lampshades in to your space

3. Style
Choosing the correct style and design of a chandelier to transform your space the right way is crucial. The incorrect selection of the lighting can be the difference between a focal chandelier to a distracting fixture! For larger rooms, choose large ornate rustic chandelier to make a bold statement

4. Material
The most common earthly elements used in fabrication of rustic chandeliers include wrought iron, wood, copper, and brass. For instance, if you want to create a natural vibe indoors, wood is the most appropriate natural element for your chandelier. Designs featuring plants or animals can certainly complement the earth tone of your chandelier. 


5. Size 
Let's not forget one of the most critical features and that is the size of your chandelier. Always aim to choose a size that complements the furnishing décor of the room. Select a size that is perfect for the room not too small that it will have no effect and not too large that it overwhelms and become a sore spot instead of a tantalizing illuminous focal point of the room. 

6. Chandelier Placement
The position of a country chandelier should be proportional to the furniture and spacing in the room so that it balances the visual effect. The chandelier should not be placed so high as to not be in view or too low as to obscure view of the rest of the space. As a rule of thumb rustic dining chandelier should be placed roughly 30-35 inches from the dining tabletop.


Dining Room Light

Should be installed at 70-75 cm above the table


1. Mix and Match
In the era of esthetically pleasing visual effects, most homeowners are now interested in transforming their existing décor to an unexpected yet visually stimulating aesthetics. In particular, modern décors attract the vibrancy and raw beauty of rustic chandelier to differentiate from a monotonous style. Actual or faux antlers are commonly attached to rustic chandeliers for a striking eye-catching visual effect. 

2. Furniture
An ever-present feature of a home décor is furniture. With modern furniture a rustic chandelier draws instant attention by creating a classic look. 

Planning to update your home by remodeling it with light fixtures. Then look no further then earth tone of rustic chandeliers. With plethora of design and sizes to choose from rustic chandeliers can achieve the stunning natural look for your home that you desire. Choose the right rustic lighting to transform your home. There are various designs for rustic chandeliers that can create a spectacular appearance to your home. Choose the right one that can really draw up the eye.