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Maison Craft intends to promote and preserve traditional arts and crafts, using examples from variety of local Thai products. It will introduce a new concept of craft, which develops a traditional technique in order to serve a modern lifestyle. We aim to share the pride of origin through the concept of 
"Journey of living craft culture"


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From Home to Home
When thinking about my childhood, I live in a country living house that was full of many artisan goods like a hammock made from jute, and a woven mat that I slept on. Used without any attention, all these commonly used artisan goods were affordable and mostly made in the local neighbourhood. When traveling to the far corners of the world, I experienced the cultures that value handicrafts as important. These reminded me of woven items that once I disregarded and surprisingly that is still in good condition. I suddenly awoke to the incredible wisdom of the old generation, and eventually found the meaning of “HOME” that it is not just a place to live but a feeling that contains love and protection. Because of these memories, it makes 'Maison Craft' to become a connection between the true feeling of home and a deep charm of artisan crafts. And we give it to our best to present through the exquisite beauty of each crafted piece. 
From Home to Home, From Hand to Hand, From Heart to your Heart...


maisoncraft thai