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Chandeliers add astounding ambiance to any room in your home. They not just illuminate your room, but add a distinct style and they are a necessary part of the home decor. The right chandelier makes a big difference in the look and feel of your home. Before You Buy A Chandelier Whether you want to hang a chandelier over your dining table or foyer or any other location, make sure that it is optimally sized for your location.

Simple Tips To Find The Right Chandelier

1. lamp size

Right Size Your chandelier must be aptly sized for your room. It should neither be too large to take up a lot of visual space, nor too small. It should be proportionate with the space. However, the dining rooms, you should take the size of the table into account. You can go for little larger chandeliers for your dining rooms.

rustic sphere chandelier

2. the space and location

Optimum Gap Optimally, you should maintain a gap of four feet between the chandelier and wall or furniture. The space to hang each chandelier should consider the height of the room and the function of the space. Dining room require the illumination above dining table, however, it can be hang lower than other room as nobody is going sit or stand on the table. In contrast, for the passageway to the bedroom, the lamp have to be hung very close to the ceiling. We recommend that it should hang above 2 meter height. 

 rustic sphere chandelier

3. the style (Country Farmhouse Wood Chandelier Style)

Variety Experiment with style and choose different chandeliers for every room in your house. To complement your home decor perfectly, our wide selection of material to choose from. Today we would like to recommend to go for natural products, which is eco-friendly and can never go wrong in any interior.

Bamboo chandeliers

Bamboo chandeliers are available in different styles. You can choose from our range of rustic sphere chandeliers to suit the interiors of every room. They are available in different sizes and styles from traditional to modern. Besides bamboo, you can also go for a rattan, jute rob or metal chandeliers. Bamboo Chandelier Bamboo chandeliers make a very interesting lightning choice for a range of interiors. They add a traditional yet modern, natural yet urban ambiance to your room. Bamboo is one of the best material for chandelier construction. They are environment-friendly, durable and easily crafted in a range of different designs.

rustic sphere chandelier

Apple Shape Lamp- From Bamboo

Rattan Chandelier

Rattan Chandelier Natural woven rattan offers a classic look to your rooms. Sustainable rattan fibers look rustic, modern and brilliant when lit. They are environment-friendly and blend easily with most interiors.

Jute Rope Chandelier

Jute Rope Chandelier If you want your room to look little artistic or traditional, you can also go for the jute rope chandeliers. Like bamboo and rattan, they are also environment-friendly and easily last many years to come.

Metal Chandelier

Metal Chandelier If you prefer the glitter of metal and want your chandelier to be very sturdy and shiny, metal might be the right choice for you. Metal chandeliers are sturdier than the wooden, but they start looking dirty faster. They need more frequent cleaning as compared to the bamboo or rattan chandeliers. However, cleaning them does not take more than a few minutes every few weeks.

Rustic Sphere Chandelier

To Sum Up The simple geometric shape matches every interior and you don't have to worry about compatibility issues with them. Lighting is crucial for every interior and chandeliers add the style you want in your rooms. The natural material lighting, such as bamboo or rattan adds a distinctly artistic touch to the interiors of your room. You can choose the rustic sphere chandelier according to your taste and yet stay assured that it will blend well with the interiors perfectly because of its shape. The bamboo chandeliers command attention besides lightning your room, look elegant and add unparalleled additions to your house.


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