These days lamp shades for home decor are available in a wide range of materials like linen and paper lampshades, Fabric lampshades made from; rustic weaves, jute, and bamboo and even Eco-friendly paper. To achieve an elegant urban look, there are lampshades made of glass, wood, porcelain, and stone. With such a surplus supply of lamp shades available in the market, it gets hard to settle on a design best suitable for your home. Below are some of the lampshade designs you can choose for your home. If you are a fans of handicraft and design products, you have to consider this 4 materials that you can still get it nowadays. However, you need to prepare budget and time for handmade lamp. As most of them has to be customise by the order. But the truth is they are one of a kind piece that you may be one of the million of people who own it. 

1 Hand-blown Glass lamp shades

These lampshades are elegant and graceful. They are commonly available in classic and antique designs though still available in modern design to suit the contemporary modern home decor. Some of the different styles of glass lamp shades are: stained glass lamp shade, reverse painted lamp shade and reflector bowl lamp shade. They are extremely elegant but are still fragile and expensive. You should always keep that fact in mind.


2. Fabric-stitch lamp shades

Mostly these lamp shades are made of velvet, satin, and silk bearing beaded or braided fringes and are laced on the corner coverings. They are crafted in a beautifully elegant style. These antique lamp shade designs are usually custom made or hand designed. Those that are beaded are always graceful.


3. Wood weaving Ceiling lampshades

They are some of the pretty and dainty lampshades. They always add a touch of dramatic yet modern distinction to any ceiling. Ceiling lampshades are available in a wide variety of wood finish and shapes. Ceiling lamp shades are known to add glamour to any given interior design.

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4. Leather lamp shades

These lamp shades are mainly made of skin from pigs, deer, and calves. This design of lampshades creates a rustic ambiance that is wonderful. These country lamp shades are best suitable home decor for ranches, country homes, cottages and cabins.