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Dedicate to a man who crafts the palm leave.

Every time I walk pass Phayathai Road in the city of Bangkok, I always see an uncle who makes bunches of artificial flower from dry palm leaf. He will sit on a pavement concentrating to craft a new piece of craft. 

I recognised that he skilfully creates many forms of flower and animal at a time. It is surprising that a simple dry palm leaf from my aspect is just a leaf, yet this man has turned his imagination into animals. 

The more I am looking at his craft, the more I feel the genuine beauty of Thai craft. The products he made has reflected his intention on making. Every piece is distinctive since it is handcrafted. However, it shows an effort, meticulousness, and happiness of the maker. 

Today, I have realised one thing from him. The beauty of product may not just be revealed through its appearance. The intention and passion of the maker are the most valuable thing in handicrafts.