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Crafts Maison is a combination of everyday homeware, which inspires us form its charm. We are a platform of design sharing, a venue of style interpreting, and a community of lifestyle exchanging.

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4 Simple, yet elegant style for your interior with rustic style chandelier

4 Simple, yet elegant style for your interior with rustic style chandelier. The style that brings the nature's back to the urban world. Best interior style to suit the behaviour of the dweller. Ideal chandeliers that stand out from the cloud. 

4 Simple, yet elegant style for your interior with rustic style chandelier


Chandeliers add character to any setting and have the ability to make a simple space look lush as well as sophisticated. Chandeliers in general transform a mundane setting by infusing character and transforming a simple décor to luxurious and glamourous visual look. Rustic chandeliers replace the traditional light bulb fixtures and can be mounted on walls or ceiling. The range of size and shapes of chandeliers makes choosing the right one for your space an effortless task. Rustic style chandeliers introduce elegance and luxury to ever room they are placed creating an artistic persona. It brings taste and elegance to any room they are located in by giving it an artistic feel. Further rustic chandeliers make bold statement in design away from the traditional lighting. Below we have explored the different interior setting that rustic style chandeliers appeal and transform. 

1. Country interior
A country interior design is very popular amongst people striving to diffuse the ranch charm and ambiance throughout their home space. Country design draws on the ancient traditional look of the house that was used habitually in homes since farming practice was widespread. A blend of indigenous materials as well as handmade furniture is used for country design. Rustic chandeliers fit in perfectly in such settings as they blend seamlessly with the traditional style. Good examples include wood or metallic rustic chandeliers. For high walls large rustic chandeliers work best.

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2. Modern interior.
Despite its name, the modern style of interior decorating is deep-rooted with beginnings traced back to late 19th century. The modern interior follows a strict styling arrangement where everything is similar. The color palates for modern designing should be neutral or natural and uniform. As it favors strong sharp lines, there is not much flexibility in the modern design. For an interior setting with modern design ensure that you select rustic style chandeliers with neutral colors such as white, black or grey. 

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3. Contemporary interior.
Contemporary interior designs complement any type of style and décor favoring bright colors as well high ceilings and bare windows. This type of design is more current and dynamic compared to the modern style. Therefore, this setting opens up to a range of rustic style chandeliers encouraging mix and match of styles. The design of contemporary interior allows the freedom to integrate a glass or metallic chandelier.  

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4. Eclectic interior.
The eclectic interior design integrates numerous other decorating styles. This design is referred to as eclectic since it is not restricted to just one interior design or style, rather dependent on the individual choice of what best fits their home décor. The eclectic design concept is deeply rooted in fine arts and architecture where people do not fear breaking the mold of the norm. Akin to the contemporary interior design, you can choose a range of rustic chandeliers. Ensure your selection features the artistic and creativity not present in any other interior styles. 

The eclectic interior design incorporates many other decorating styles. It is referred to as eclectic because it does not restrain itself to just one interior design style but is dependent on what an individual feels is best for their home. The eclectic design has its roots in fine arts and architecture where people are not afraid to break from the norm of doing things. Similar to the contemporary interior, you can use a variety of rusty style chandeliers in this setting, just make sure that they are more on the artistic side the ones used in any of the other interior styles.

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Mix the color and material to electric interior