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A Designer Top 5 Tips

A Designer Top 5 Tips for Mixing and Matching Interior Modern Lighting



As an interior designer, I always try to convince my clients that a good lighting plan for their home is important in beautiful designs. Indeed, a well-matching system of modern lighting can significantly improve the interior appearance and make the owners proud of their house.

After spending countless hours on client's home and my personal homes, I've come with 5 useful tips to mix and match interior modern lighting, mainly in those open concept spaces such as kitchen, dining room and living room. I hope that these tips would be useful if you are planning to upgrade, renovate or set up your lighting. 

1. Mix a variety of textures, colors, and brands

The main purpose of using various brands along with different sizes, colors, types (sconces, pendants, etc.), and designs (mid-mod, transitional, boho, etc.) is to create a character, scale, and interest in the area. Take my dining room for example, I've installed a modern pendant lighting in the bar that is totally different from the chandelier over the breakfast space. Although they share the same style and live in harmony with each other, these lights are also individually attracting simply because I've added texture to the chandelier with wood, mixed the metals for candles, and they come from different retailers/brands. This combination gives my home a really great feel and look.

flexi lamp mood1.jpg



2. Avoid using the same lighting collection in the same area

Many people think that using a single lighting collection would make their choices much easier and reduce the amount of time shopping. However, this can make your home too matchy and cause monotony, which eventually results in bad designs. If you want to use the sconces, chandelier and modern pendant light from the same collectionit's better to set them up in separate spaces (one in the living room, one in the dining room, and another in the kitchen) so that things do not get dull.  


Rustic light is 


made from Silk

cocoon, which

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from silk making.







3. Use lighting fixtures that have a common feature

This tip is especially important as using lighting fixtures with similar styles, shapes, materials, or colors will allow them to match seamlessly and bring harmony to your home. This is like they are meant to exist together in the same area without being excessively alike. Let's say you want to have a great lighting mix in your new dining room, then consider using a chandelier with the sconces simply because they share the same mid-mod style. Along with a common color, your room will look perfect.  

Cluster marble lamp1.jpg

4. Blend white and rich color neutrals 

If your house is painted in white color, then having a set of contemporary mini ceiling lights with tan families of color such as mushroom gray, camel tan, espresso or rust tone will make it look warm and cozy. Additionally, this combination is also very versatile and looks good if put next to dark doors, wood floors, and wood furniture. 

5. Create a focal point

In some cases, you should try to choose a focal point with a bold, interesting, and impressive design. This masterpiece, which can be the flashy contemporary mini ceiling light, will steal the show and make it much easier to choose another lighting to mix. All that you need to do is let this central lighting to do all the jobs.

Blossom lamp.jpg

Final thoughts

Mixing and matching interior modern lighting is quite similar to pairing the jewelry with your outfit: You want to show everything without looking autonomous or competing. I hope that these 5 simple tips will help you figure out the best combination of color, shape, and design for your cozy home.