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Crafts Maison is a combination of everyday homeware, which inspires us form its charm. We are a platform of design sharing, a venue of style interpreting, and a community of lifestyle exchanging.


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The Existence of English Craft


Porto Romana is a well known brand in the luxury handmade lighting and home accessories. They are one of English company that remain their production in the United Kingdom since it has started in 1988.

The founder, Andrew and Sarah Hills have inspired from the historical Italian glassmaking and metalworking. After they came back from Italy, they started their own craft studio in Surrey. They embrace numerous English artisans in London and countryside to collaborate and create a plenty of timeless collections. 

Today, it rarely sources a local business which continually supports English craftsmen. It is luckily that English craft is gradually protected and strongly support in their country. However, there are only few number of Thai crafts are perfectly sustained. It evokes us at the beginning of 2013 to create the idea that sustains our traditional wisdom. We name it as Maison Craft, home of stylish Asian crafts which intends to be one of the medium prolonging the craft to a new generation.



Kintsugi, The Rediscovery of Japanese Esthetic




Kintsugi means gold seam which is a Japanese technique that try to repair the broken ceramic. One story is being told that it originates when shogun Ashikaga Yoshimasa has send the broken ceramics back to China for repair. After these ceramics had returned back to Japan, Japanese people saw the idea of metal staple from Chinese workers. They began to appreciate the aesthetic of breakage as a part of history rather than an imperfect piece. This can be applied with Japanese philosophy, “Wabi-Sabi” which means an embracing the imperfectness.


We have visited the demonstration of Kintsugi at Maison et Objet 2015. They show the methodology of the original Kintsugi technique. From the beginning of mixing the ingredient and start repairing the breakage. It is considerably a delicate handcraft which requires patient and skill. 

The technique of Kintsugi has to apply gold dust with resin or lacquer on the breakage part. Sometimes they use staple to bind two separate pieces.

They intend to emphasize the idea of loss and improvement and focus the rebirth of new piece. The Japanese values the art of imperfect and prolong the beauty of object. 


Maison et Objet 2015