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Crafts Maison is a combination of everyday homeware, which inspires us form its charm. We are a platform of design sharing, a venue of style interpreting, and a community of lifestyle exchanging.

New Interpretation of Craft

Blogpage of the process of making products and promotion events of the brand

New Interpretation of Craft


From the past London Design Week, not only the showcase of British design that has been exhibited in this festival, there are numerous art from all over the world. One of the most interesting designs is the integration of craft and everyday product. 

It is a creative idea of Japanese designer who transforms traditional lacquer ware to a stylish collection. A glass of water that we normally use, has been decorated with the colour of lacquer. It creates a stylish appearance from traditional technique which applies on different material. The artisan has to apply several layers, base coating, paper, gold leaf, and finish with glossy lacquer.   

They change the perception of ordinary glass with its design. The simple design that speaks gently to us. It creates uniqueness to its product. It increases the value to object. 

It is an intelligent and humbleness of craft.