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Crafts Maison is a combination of everyday homeware, which inspires us form its charm. We are a platform of design sharing, a venue of style interpreting, and a community of lifestyle exchanging.

The 45 Years of Patient and thoughtfulness

Blogpage of the process of making products and promotion events of the brand

The 45 Years of Patient and thoughtfulness


I have never known a patient of a person who carves this spoon. Before it became a piece of wooden spoon for us to be used. Can you imagine how long it takes? At the first glance, it may looks as a simple ordinary spoon. 

If you may carefully look closer, you will notice the grain structure and its growth ring. See how attractive these pattern show what it is called the figure. This reflects the intention of a man who thoughtfully cut and process this piece of wood. Most importantly, it is a golden teak from a reforestation without planting programme by the majesty the king of Thailand. This mean the tree has not been cut, yet it wait till the time it falls apart. Tree trunk is sold to the furniture factory. The small pieces are normally left over and thrown as trash. Fortunately, uncle Sagha notices it and transforms them into kitchenwares.  

There are various amazing stories of craft product that I have just realised. This is one of  wood making stories in northern Thailand which presents the effort and patient of a person who makes amazing wooden spoons. The growth ring of this piece shows a part of its 45 years long in the forest. In comparison, if it is a human, he or she is already grown up as an adult whereas this teak has just begun distributing its useful function and its beautiful figure to this world.

The Chaipattana Foundation: Reforestation without planting
Mr Sagha from The Little House on the Prairie: Wooden spoon maker