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4 Simple, yet elegant style for your interior with rustic style chandelier

4 Simple, yet elegant style for your interior with rustic style chandelier


Chandeliers add character to any setting and have the ability to make a simple space look lush as well as sophisticated. They are mounted on walls or ceilings for lighting along with décor purposes. They also replace the traditional light bulb fixture. Chandeliers come in all shapes and sizes and how you choose them is dependent on where you plan to place them. Rustic style chandeliers bring taste and elegance to any room they are located in by giving it an artistic feel. Rustic style chandeliers show that you are not afraid to move from the traditional look of lights but are open to exploring new and robust designs. The rustic chandeliers are great conversation starters. Rustic style chandeliers go well with any interior setting as discussed below.


1. Country interior
A country interior design is famous for people who want to bring the farm or ranch charm into their home. The design draws an old traditional look to the house and was used in the early years in many homes because farming was widely practiced. The country interior uses indigenous materials to decorate as well as handmade furniture. Rustic chandeliers go well with this sort of setting because it blends in with its traditional look. The rustic chandeliers to go with can be metallic or wood. If you have high walls, then you will need rustic chandeliers that are large so that they can fill up space.

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2. Modern interior.
Contrary to its name, the modern style of interior decorating is very old that began in the late 19th century. The modern interior follows a strict styling format where everything is similar. The colors used for modern designing should be neutral or natural and uniform. The modern design does not allow for a lot of flexibility because it favors strong lines. When deciding to use rustic style chandeliers for the modern interior setting, choose the ones that have neutral colors such as white, black or grey.

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3. Contemporary interior.
Contemporary interior designs tend to be open to variety in every way. The style favors bright colors as well high ceilings and bare windows. Contemporary décor is much more current and that is one of the ways it differs with the modern style. Contemporary interior is ever changing with the times. Designs used in the early 2000's as contemporary may not be classified as such today. When choosing which rustic style chandeliers to use in such a setting, you have the liberty to mix things up. You can go with glass chandeliers or metallic ones. There is a sort of freedom with the contemporary interior.

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4. Eclectic interior.
The eclectic interior design incorporates many other decorating styles. It is referred to as eclectic because it does not restrain itself to just one interior design style but is dependent on what an individual feels is best for their home. The eclectic design has its roots in fine arts and architecture where people are not afraid to break from the norm of doing things. Similar to the contemporary interior, you can use a variety of rusty style chandeliers in this setting, just make sure that they are more on the artistic side the ones used in any of the other interior styles.

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