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Tips for buying rustic chandelier for your interior

Tips for buying rustic chandelier for your interior


You do not have to be country to go rustic! Rustic chandelier lighting adds a unique decorative aesthetic to any home décor – be it modern or classic. You can bring in a unique country charm to your ultra-modern design or give your classic style home a fresh spin with the wide variety of rustic chandeliers available. From cottage-inspired to natural accent Picking the right one can be the delicate balance between enhancing your idea and creating the wrong impression. 

Follow this tips that will help you know how to pick the right country chandelier

1. Function
Each room has its function in the home. The chandelier you pick should match that. Rustic kitchen chandeliers should provide more light than the living room chandeliers. Use rustic dining chandeliers that feature direct lighting suitable for tabletops. Chandeliers with focused lighting are great for workstations.

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2. Mood
The right country chandelier can help set the ambiance and overall feel of the room. You can choose a fixture that will use dim lights to create a more intimate feel to the room or bright lights for the more airy look.


Modern Living Room

Can mix industrial lampshades in to your space

3. Style
The style or design of your chandelier is essential and can be the difference between a chandelier that is the center of attention or a complete flop! For larger rooms, go for the extremely ornate rustic chandelier, as it will stand out more. 

4. Material
Wrought iron, wood, copper, and brass are among the materials mostly used to make rustic chandeliers. If for instance, you want to bring a natural feel indoors, the best materials for your chandelier should be that which depicts exactly that – wood. You may complement that by using a design that features trees or animals.


5. Size
The size of your chandelier also matters a lot. Pick a size that matches the furniture in the room. Ensure your rustic chandelier is a perfect size, not so big that it completely overwhelms the room and not too small, that it is barely visible.

6. Chandelier Placement
Be sure to hang the country chandelier proportional to the furniture so it looks in place with everything else. Do not hang the chandelier too high up that no one sees it or too low that it encroaches on your view of the rest of the room. A rustic dining chandelier should be set at about 30-35 inches from the tabletop.


Dining Room Light

Should be installed at 70-75 cm above the table

Special Tips.

1. Mix and Match
Homeowners are now more interested in creating an unexpected mix of décor for stunning visual aesthetics. Homes with modern décor will adorn a beautiful rustic chandelier to step away from a monotonous style. Real or faux antlers are commonly fixed to rustic chandeliers for that eye-catching element.

2. Furniture
Furniture is an important aspect of the home décor. A rustic chandelier can work well even when the furniture is modern as it looks classy and will immediately attract attention.

If you are planning to remodel your home and are wondering which would be the right chandelier, we suggest you go rustic. There are various designs for rustic chandeliers that can create a spectacular appearance to your home. Choose the right one that can really draw up the eye.