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The Critical Problem When People Choose Modern Chandeliers


Chandeliers always represent style, elegance, and sophistication. Not only is it great for lighting but can also be a strong element of design. This is why choosing the right piece for the room where you’d want to place it is critical as it could either be pleasing to the eyes, enhance the room’s style and ambiance or it could be an eyesore if it looks out of place. Taking your time in choosing the best one is the best way to go. 

A lot of factors come in and should be considered when choosing the right chandelier. What purpose would it serve? Where would it be placed? Will it go with the theme and the fixtures of the room? The size of the room, its dimensions is always the first thing you need to get as this would allow you to choose the right size of the chandelier. Consult an expert if need be, for you to get the right measurements. 

1. Foyer
The foyer is the entryway to a home and just like an appetizer, it gives the guests a taste of what to expect. This is why foyer chandeliers are quite popular as this not only provides a brightly lit entry space but it gives a great first impression of your home to the guests and a welcoming sight when you get home tired for the evening. This is where the importance of dimensions come in. If you want your foyer to be properly lit and give that brilliant illumination, make sure that the chandelier is also of the right size. 



2. Dining Room
Dining room chandeliers are also quite popular as it gives character to the dining area. Dim lights during the evenings create that relaxed feeling while you enjoy the light and fun conversations over dinner. Dining room chandeliers should always be hung and centered over the table. If it hangs on the center, it has the tendency to create that off balance look on the dining area. 

Mini glow lamp1.jpg

3. Living Room
It is suggested to hang it 30 to 36 inches above the table. 
Living room chandeliers, aside from the size of the room, would also depend on its theme, the fixtures, and the decors. If your living room is leaning on the antique or vintage style, a rustic chandelier would bea perfect addition. If you have a tall ceiling, you may want to opt for a larger sized chandelier. Keep in mind that whatever you choose, it should be something that would complement the rest of the room, would not be overpowering or overwhelming to the sight and not looking out of place either. 

Cloudy lamp5.jpg

For whatever purpose it may serve, take your time when choosing your chandelier. Ask the experts if needed and if you’re stumped. Go to the trusted shops, those that will give you sound advise and would give the best value for your money as well as ensure safety. We only want the best for our home, don’t we? Hopefully, these tips have helped in starting your journey towards finding the perfect modern chandelier for you.