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Feng shui: Secret trick for light fixtures

Feng Shui: The secret trick that changes light fixtures design to improve your healthiness and wealthiness.


This is a belief from Chinese master who measures from the sun and the moon to calculates the most sufficient light fixtures that helps balancing people’ lives. There are numerous of businessmen who believe in Feng Shui and take the theory into account since they start designing their space.


This is a sample of few tricks that one can adapt the light fixture in your place.


1.   Type of light fixtures

-       Ceiling light fixture


You must avoid hanging the ceiling light above the stove or cooking area. It is acceptable to be hung above the Island counter where you use to prep your food. The kitchen light fixtures is necessary to find the appropriate spot to balance the power of hot and cold in the space.

However, it is important to hang the hanging light at the dining area because the dining and living area are the center of all power for the entire home.

-       Downlight


Downlight is appropriate for the entire room. However, the position of this light in the bedroom is needed to be careful. Since it is a place to rest and sleep, it is recommended to minimize the size and quantity for the light for this resting area.

-       Spot light

This type of light fixture must be installed outside area because it contains high power that is not comfortable for homeowner and family. While it harms the strangers to get into your place in the night time.

-       Floor light fixtures


Floor light fixtures

Floor lamp reflects the vertical area and balance the room height so, it believes to place them at the family and living area where there is a large volume of space. This floor light will be one of the focal point of the room. You can always see the reference from hotel lobby, resort. If there is not enough space for floor lamp, you may consider to find wall light fixtures to highlight your main living area.



Home Office light fixtures

2.   Quantity of light

-       House gate should contain with 2 lights from both ends.

-       The study or working area should have 1 piece of lamp above the table. There is not obligation on the type of light. It is free for homeowner and designers to decide.

-       Home office should install 5 number of light fixtures in the waiting area.